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       gesturetest - Test program for the X Gesture Stack


       gesturetest <window> <device> <gesture mask>


       gesturetest is a program to test the X gesture extension and stack of
       libraries. Invoke it with an X window ID, an X input device ID, and a
       bitmask of gestures to listen for on the window. Selected gestures that
       occur within the window will be written to stdout.

       Note that gestures may be caught by windows above the selected window
       in the X window hierarchy. When this occurs, the window above will
       receive the gesture, but the window selected for gesturetest will not.

       To select for gestures from all input devices, use 0 for the device ID.
       To select for gestures on all windows, use 0 for the window ID.


       Chase Dogulas <>


       Copyright 2010 by Canonical, Ltd.  Copyright 2001-2006 Bart Massey,
       Jamey Sharp, and Josh Triplett.