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       genxref - generates LXR database cross-reference tokens


       genxref [option...]


       The   genxref  program  automatically  generates  LXR  database  cross-
       reference tokens for a set of URL configuration blocks and source  code
       versions.   These  are both defined in the lxr.conf configuration file.
       Each "URL" is a separate source  tree;  LXR  separates  and  identifies
       these  by  their  URL.   Each  "version"  is a different version of the
       source tree being  indexed.   See  lxr.conf  or  lxr.conf.template  for
       configuring URLs and versions.


       Valid options are:

       --help             Print a summary of the options.

       --url=URL           Generate  tokens  for  the  given URL configuration

       --allurls          Generate tokens for all URL configuration blocks.

       --version=VERSION  Generate tokens for the given version of the code.

       --allversions       Generate  tokens  for  all  versions  of  the  code

       --reindexall       Purges existing index data


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