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       genrbox - generate a RADIANCE description of a box


       genrbox mat name xsiz ysiz zsiz [ -i ][ -r rad | -b bev ]


       Genbox  produces  a RADIANCE scene description of a parallelepiped with
       one corner at the origin and the opposite corner at (xsiz, ysiz, zsiz).
       The  sides  of the box will be parallel to the three coordinate planes.
       The surfaces that make up the box will be modified  by  mat  and  their
       identifiers will begin with name.  The -i option can be used to produce
       a box with inward directed surface normals.  The -r option can be  used
       to  specify the radius for rounded edges.  The -b option can be used to
       specify the indentation for beveled edges.


       To produce a rectangular box made of wood with beveled edges:

         genrbox wood box1 5 8 3 -b .5 > box1


       Greg Ward


       Because spheres and cylinders are used to construct boxes with  rounded
       edges, a transparent box of this type appears quite messy.


       genrev(1), gensurf(1), genworm(1), rpict(1), rvu(1), xform(1)