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       gene2xml - convert NCBI Entrez Gene ASN.1 into XML


       gene2xml  [-]  [-b]  [-c]  [-i filename]  [-l]  [-o filename] [-p path]
       [-r path] [-t N] [-x] [-y] [-z]


       gene2xml is a stand-alone program that converts Entrez Gene ASN.1  into
       XML.   Entrez  Gene data are stored as compressed binary Entrezgene-Set
       ASN.1 files on the NCBI ftp site, and have the suffix  .ags.gz.   These
       are  several-fold  smaller  than  compressed  XML files, resulting in a
       significant savings of disk  storage  and  network  bandwidth.   Normal
       processing  by  gene2xml produces text XML files with the same name but
       with .xgs as the suffix.


       A summary of options is included below.

       -      Print usage message

       -b     File is Binary

       -c     File is Compressed

       -i filename
              Single Input file (standard input by default) when not using -p

       -l     Log processing (list files processed when using -p)

       -o filename
              Single Output file (standard output by default) when  not  using

       -p path
              Path to Files (if processing an entire directory)

       -r path
              Path for Results when using -p; defaults to the input directory

       -t N   Limit       to       the      given      Taxon      ID      (per

       -x     Extract .ags to text .agc (format previously distributed)

       -y     Combine .agc to text .ags (for testing)

       -z     Combine .agc to binary .ags, then gzip


       The National Center for Biotechnology Information.


       asn2all(1), asn2asn(1), asn2xml(1), asndhuff(1), /usr/share/doc/ncbi-
       tools-bin/gene2xml.txt.gz, /usr/share/doc/libncbi6/ncbixml.txt.gz