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       gendoc - Documentation generation from Python source files


       gendoc  [-v]  [-u]  [-p|-i] [-h head] [-f format] [key=value ...] files


       This manual page documents briefly the  gendoc  command.   This  manual
       page  was  written  for  the  Debian GNU/Linux distribution because the
       original program does not have a manual page.

       gendoc scans one or several python modules for  documentation  strings.
       From  the  documentation  strings, manual pages are generated in any of
       FrameMaker MIF, MML, HTML and ASCII formats.

       Note that you can give multiple format options at once.  It  is  a  lot
       faster,  since  the  the  source  files  are  only  parsed/imported and
       traversed once.

       Currently the following formatters are supported:

       ASCII  Produce simple ascii text.

       HTML   Produce a set of HTML files.

       HTMLg  Same as above using Robin Friedrich’s HTMLgen module.

       MIF    FrameMaker’s Maker Interchange Format.

       MML    FrameMaker’s Maker Markup Language.


       -d dir Save generated files in the *dir* directory.

       -f format
              Generate files using the formatter *format*.

       -h head
              Generate a head page with  references  to  all  generated  pages
              (HTML only).

       -p     Parse source files for docstrings (default).

       -i     Import files for docstrings.

       -u     Include private methods starting with single ’_’.

       -v     Verbose mode.

              Pass formatter options. These options are used to send arguments
              to formatters. These definitions can be put in  the  environment
              as well. Currently only one such option is supported.

              Generate top page as an HTML framed document.


       See /usr/doc/python-gendoc/ for more information.