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       gencfu - Generates Unicode Confusable data files


       gencfu  [  -h, -?, --help ] [ -V, --version ] [ -c, --copyright ] [ -v,
       --verbose ] [ -d, --destdir destination ] [ -i, --icudatadir  directory
       ]  -r, --rules rule-file -w, --wsrules whole-script-rule-file -o, --out


       gencfu reads confusable character definitions in the input file,  which
       are plain text files containing confusable character definitions in the
       input format defined by Unicode UAX39 for the files confusables.txt and
       confusablesWholeScript.txt.  This source (.txt) format is also accepted
       by ICU spoof detectors.  The files must be  encoded  in  utf-8  format,
       with  or  without  a  BOM.   Normally the output data file has the .cfu


       -h, -?, --help
              Print help about usage and exit.

       -V, --version
              Print the version of gencfu and exit.

       -c, --copyright
              Embeds the standard ICU copyright into the output-file.

       -v, --verbose
              Display extra informative messages during execution.

       -d, --destdir destination
              Set the destination directory of the output-file to destination.

       -i, --icudatadir directory
              Look  for  any  necessary  ICU  data  files  in  directory.  For
              example, the file must be located when ICU’s data  is
              not  built  as a shared library.  The default ICU data directory
              is  specified  by  the  environment  variable  ICU_DATA.    Most
              configurations of ICU do not require this argument.

       -r, --rules rule-file
              The source file to read.

       -w, --wsrules whole-script-rule-file
              The whole script source file to read.

       -o, --out output-file
              The output data file to write.




       Copyright  (C)  2009  International  Business  Machines Corporation and