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       gdal2tiles - generates directory with TMS tiles, KMLs and
       simple web viewers

SYNOPSIS [-title "Title"] [-publishurl http://yourserver/dir/]
                     [-nogooglemaps] [-noopenlayers] [-nokml]
                     [-googlemapskey KEY] [-forcekml] [-v]
                     input_file [output_dir]


       This utility generates a directory with small tiles and metadata,
       following OSGeo Tile Map Service Specification. Simple web pages with
       viewers based on Google Maps and OpenLayers are generated as well - so
       anybody can comfortably explore your maps on-line and you do not need
       to install or configure any special software (like mapserver) and the
       map displays very fast in the webbrowser. You only need to upload
       generated directory into a web server.

       GDAL2Tiles creates also necessary metadata for Google Earth (KML
       SuperOverlay), in case the supplied map uses EPSG:4326 projection.

       World files and embedded georeference is used during tile generation,
       but you can publish a picture without proper georeference too.

       -title Title:
           Title used for generated metadata, web viewers and KML files.

       -publishurl http://yourserver/dir/:
           Address of a directory into which you are going to upload the
           result. It should end with slash.

           Do not generate Google Maps based html page.

           Do not generate OpenLayers based html page.

           Do not generate KML files for Google Earth.

       -googlemapskey KEY:
           Key for your domain generated on Google Maps API web page

           Force generating of KML files. Input file must use EPSG:4326

       -v  Generate verbose output of tile generation.

       NOTE: is a Python script, and will only work if GDAL was
       built with Python support.


       Klokan Petr Pridal <> as a Google SoC 2007 Project.