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       gcalcli - Google Calendar Command Line Interface


       gcalcli [options] command [command args]


       gcalcli  is  a Python application that allows you to access your Google
       Calendar from a command line. It’s easy to get your agenda, search  for
       events, and quickly add new events. Additionally gcalcli can be used as
       a reminder service to execute any application you want.


       --help this usage text

       --config <file>
              config file to read (default is ’~/.gcalclirc’)

       --user <username>
              google username

       --pw <password>

       --cals [all,
              ’calendars’ to work with (default is all calendars)

              - default (your default main calendar)

       owner, - owner (your owned calendars)

              - editor (editable calendar)

              - contributor (non-owner but able to edit)

       read,  - read (read only calendars)

              - freebusy (only free/busy info visible)

       --cal <name>
              ’calendar’ to work with (default is all  calendars)  -  you  can
              specify a calendar by name or by using a

              regular expression to match multiple calendars

              - you can use multiple ’--cal’ arguments on the

              command line

              show  all  event  details  (i.e.  length,  location,  reminders,

              ignore old or already  started  events  -  when  used  with  the
              ’agenda’ command, ignore events

              that  have  already  started and are in-progress with respect to
              the specified [start] time

              - when used with the ’search’ command, ignore events

              that have already occurred and only show future events

              the number of characters to use for each  column  in  the  ’cal’
              command output (default is 10)

       --nc   don’t use colors

              specify the colors used for the calendars and dates

              each of these argument requires a <color> argument

              which must be one of [ default, black, brightblack,

              red, brightred, green, brightgreen, yellow,

              brightyellow, blue, brightblue, magenta,

              brightmagenta, cyan, brightcyan, white,

              brightwhite ]


       list   list all calendars

       search <text>
              search for events - only matches whole words

       agenda [start] [end]
              get  an  agenda  for  a time period - start time default is 12am
              today - end time default is 5 days from  start  -  example  time

              ’9/24/2007’    ’Sep    24    2007   3:30pm’   ’2007-09-24T15:30’
              ’2007-09-24T15:30-8:00’ ’20070924T15’ ’8am’

       calw <weeks> [start]
              get a week based agenda in a nice calendar format - weeks is the
              number  of weeks to display - start time default is beginning of
              this week - note that all events for the week(s) are displayed

       calm [start]
              get a month agenda in  a  nice  calendar  format  -  start  time
              default  is  the  beginning of this month - note that all events
              for the month are displayed

              and only one month will be displayed

       quick <text>
              quick add an event to your default calendar - example:

              ’Dinner with Eric 7pm tomorrow’ ’5pm 10/31 Trick or Treat’

       remind <mins> <command>
              execute command if event occurs within <mins> minutes time (’%s’
              in <command> is replaced with event start time and title text) -
              <mins> default is 10 - default command:

              ’gxmessage -display :0 -center \

              -title "Ding, Ding, Ding!" %s’


       Wiki page


              If exists is consulted at startup for defaults.  Formatted  with
              a  section  header  "gcalcli"  followed  by lines option: value.
              (See section OPTIONS above for list of valid options.)  E.g.,

              user: bertie_ahern
              pw: topsecret
              cal: Irish Holidays


       Brandon Philips, Yaroslav Halchenko, Barak A. Pearlmutter


       Copyright © 2007 Brandon Philips <>

       Copyright © 2009 Yaroslav Halchenko <>