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       gaupol - editor for text-based subtitle files


       gaupol [OPTION...] [FILE...] [+[NUM]]


       gaupol  is  an  editor  for  text-based  subtitle  files.   It supports
       multiple subtitle file formats and provides means of  correcting  texts
       and timing subtitles to match video.


       -h, --help
              Show command line options.

              Show version number.

       -c, --config-file=FILE
              Set the configuration file to use instead of the default.

       -e, --encoding=ENCODING
              Set the character encoding to use for opening files.

              List possible character encodings to use with --encoding.

       +[NUM] Go to subtitle number NUM in the opened file.  If NUM is missing
              go to the last subtitle.

       -t, --translation-file=FILE
              Open translation file.

       -a, --align-method=METHOD
              Method used to align translation file’s subtitle texts with main
              document’s   subtitles.   Possible   values   are  ’number’  and
              ’position’.  The  default  is  ’position’,  which  compares  the
              positions  in  the  main  document  and the translation file and
              inserts the translation texts so  that  those  positions  match.
              Existing  subtitles are skipped and new ones inserted as needed.
              ’number’  discards  position  information  and  inserts  the   N
              translation texts into the first N subtitles.

       -v, --video-file=FILE
              Select video file.


       The  behaviour  of  gaupol  is  affected  by  the following environment

              If set to a non-empty string,  gaupol  will  perform  additional
              checks  during  run-time  that  may help in finding and locating


       Written by Osmo Salomaa <>.

                                August 23, 2008