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       gauche-cesconv - convert text from one character encoding scheme to


       gauche-cesconv [-h] [-f encoding] [-t encoding] [-o outfile] [infile]


       The gauche-cesconv command is a program to convert text from one
       character encoding scheme (CES) to another, using Gauche’s character
       conversion module.  Hence the supported character sets are the same as
       Gauche’s.  See the info document of Gauche for more details.

       There are other commands that provide the same functionality and more,
       such as iconv(1) or nkf(1), but they are not universally available by
       default.  This command is provided for Gauche’s external packages to
       ease the installation and configuration process; for those packages, it
       is certain that gauche-cesconv is available, so they don’t need to
       check availability of iconv etc.

       When infile is omitted, the text is read from standard input.


       -f, --from-code=encoding
           Selects input encoding. Can be ´*JP´ to guess the character
           encoding from japanese text, among either ISO2022-JP(-1,2,3),
           EUCJP, SHIFT_JIS or UTF-8.  If omitted, gauche´s native CES is

       -h, --help
           Show summary of options.

       -o, --output=outfile
           Place output in file outfile. If omitted the converted text is
           written to standard output.

       -t, --to-code=encoding
           Selects output encoding. (see also --from-code)


       gauche-cesconv exits with status 0 on success.


       gauche-package(1), iconv(1)

       The program will be documented fully by the Gauche Developers´
       Reference available via the info(1) system.


       Shiro Kawai <>

       Jens Thiele <>
           Wrote this manpage for the Debian system.


       Copyright © 2010 Jens Thiele

       Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
       are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
       notice and this notice are preserved. This file is offered as-is,
       without any warranty.