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       garmin_save_runs - retrieve track logs from a Forerunner device.



       garmin_save_runs  retrieves  track logs from a Garmin Forerunner device
       connected to an USB port, and saves the information into files.   Files
       are saved with the extension ".gmn" and are named by the run start time
       (e.g. ’20070121T151814.gmn’).  The .gmn file format is  a  binary  file
       format  that  can  be  unpacked  with  he  garmin_dump  or  garmin_gmap
       utilities.  It is substantially more efficient  than  the  bloated  XML
       format that Garmin uses.

       The  output  of garmin_save_runs will tell you where on your filesystem
       the actual .gmn files were saved.  The default is to  save  them  in  a
       directory  tree  (by  year and month) under the current directory.  You
       can override this by setting the environment variable  GARMIN_SAVE_RUNS
       to whatever directory you like. Existing files are not overwritten.


       garmin_get_info(1), garmin_dump(1), garmin_gmap(1).


       garmin_save_runs was written by Dave Bailey.

                                March 31, 2008