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       gammu-smsd-monitor - Monitor state of SMS daemon for Gammu


       gammu-smsd-monitor [OPTION]...


       This manual page documents briefly the gammu-smsd-monitor command.

       gammu-smsd-monitor  is  a  program  that  monitors  state  of Gammu SMS
       daemon. It periodically displays information about phone and number  of
       processed messages.

       Program  accepts following options (please note that long options might
       be not accepted on some platforms):

       -h, --help
              Shows help.

       -v, --version
              Shows version information and compiled in features.

       -c, --config=file
              Configuration file to  use,  default  is  /etc/gammu-smsdrc,  on
              Windows  there  is no default and configuration file path has to
              be always specified.

       -l, --loops=count
              Number of loops, by default monitor loops infinitely.

       -d, --delay=seconds
              Delay betwen polling SMSD state, default is 20 seconds.

       -C, --csv
              Print output in comma separated values format:

              client;phone ID;IMEI;sent;received;failed;battery;signal


       gammu-smsdrc(5), gammu(1), gammu-smsd(1)


       gammu-smsd  and  this  manual  page  were  written  by   Michal   Cihar


       Copyright  ©  2009  Michal Cihar and other authors.  License GPLv2: GNU
       GPL version 2 <>
       This is free software: you are free  to  change  and  redistribute  it.
       There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.


       Please report bugs to <>.

       Before   reporting  a  bug,  please  enable  verbose  logging  in  SMSD

              debuglevel = 255
              logfile = smsd.log

       and include this verbose log within bug report.