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       gacutil - Global Assembly Cache management utility.


       gacutil [-user] [command] [options]


       gacutil  is  a  tool used by developers to install versioned assemblies
       into the system Global Assembly Cache  (GAC)  to  become  part  of  the
       assemblies that are available for all applications at runtime.

       Notice  that  they  are  not  directly  available  to the compiler. The
       convention is that  assemblies  must  also  be  placed  in  a  separate
       directory  to  be  accessed  by  the  compiler.   This is done with the
       -package directive to gacutil.

       The tool allows for installation, removal, and listing of the  contents
       of the assembly cache.

       The    GAC    is    relative   to   the   Mono   installation   prefix:


       -i  <assembly_path>  [-check_refs]  [-package  NAME]  [-root   ROOTDIR]
       [-gacdir GACDIR]

        Installs  an  assembly into the global assembly cache. <assembly_path>
       is the name of the file that contains the assembly manifest

       The -package option can be used  to  also  create  a  directory  in  in
       prefix/lib/mono  with  the  name  NAME,  and  a symlink is created from
       NAME/assembly_name to the  assembly  on  the  GAC.   This  is  used  so
       developers can reference a set of libraries at once.

       The  -root  option  is  used  to  specify  the  "libdir"  value  of  an
       installation prefix which differs from the prefix of  the  system  GAC.
       Typical  automake  usage is "-root $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/lib".  To access
       assemblies installed to a prefix other than  the  mono  prefix,  it  is
       necessary to set the MONO_GAC_PREFIX environment variable.

       The  -gacdir  option  is included for backward compatibility but is not
       recommended for new code. Use the -root option instead.

       The -check_refs option is  used  to  ensure  that  the  assembly  being
       installed  into  the  GAC  does  not  reference  any  non  strong named
       assemblies. Assemblies being installed to the GAC should not  reference
       non strong named assemblies, however the is an optional check.

       -l [assembly_name] [-root ROOTDIR] [-gacdir GACDIR]

       Lists   the   contents   of   the   global  assembly  cache.  When  the
       <assembly_name> parameter is specified  only  matching  assemblies  are

       -u  <assembly_display_name>  [-package  NAME]  [-root ROOTDIR] [-gacdir

       Uninstalls   an   assembly   from   the    global    assembly    cache.
       <assembly_display_name>  is  the name of the assembly (partial or fully
       qualified) to remove from the global assembly cache. If a partial  name
       is specified all matching assemblies will be uninstalled. As opposed to
       the install option that takes a filename, this takes as an argument the
       assembly name, which looks like this:
            MyLibrary.Something, version=, publicKeyToken=xxxx,culture=neutral

       Notice  that  you can have spaces in the command line. There is no need
       to quote them.

       Performs a greedy removal. If you  only  specify  one  component  like,
       "MyLibrary.Something", it will remove all versions of the library.

       -us  <assembly_path>  [-package  NAME] [-root ROOTDIR] [-gacdir GACDIR]
       Uninstalls an  assembly  using  the  specified  assembly's  full  name.
       <assembly  path>  is the path to an assembly. The full assembly name is
       retrieved from the specified assembly if there is an  assembly  in  the
       GAC  with  a  matching  name,  it is removed. Unlike the -u option this
       option takes a file name, like this:
               Example: -us myDll.dll

       -ul  <assembly_list_file>  [-package  NAME]  [-root  ROOTDIR]  [-gacdir
       GACDIR]  Uninstalls  one  or  more  assemblies from the global assembly
       cache.  <assembly_list_file> is the path to a test  file  containing  a
       list of assembly names on separate lines.
       Example -ul assembly_list.txt
       assembly_list.txt contents:


       On  Unix assemblies are loaded from the installation lib directory.  If
       you set `prefix' to /usr, the assemblies will be located  in  /usr/lib.
       On Windows, the assemblies are loaded from the directory where mono and
       mint live.

       /etc/mono/config, ~/.mono/config

       Mono runtime configuration file.  See the  mono-config(5)  manual  page
       for more information.


       Visit: for details



                                                             gacutil(Mono 1.0)