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       g3data     —   A tool for extracting data from graphs.


       g3data  [-max  x  y]   [-scale  factor]   [-coords  llx  lly  rux  ruy]
       [-errors]  [-lnx]  [-lny]  [filename(s) ...]



       g3data is a tool for extracting data from scanned  graphs.  For  graphs
       published  in  scientific  articles  the  actual  data  is  usually not
       explicitly given ; g3data makes the process  of  extracting  this  data


       -max x y  If  picture  is  larger  x-wise  than x or y-wise than y, the
                 picture is scaled down accordingly otherwise  this  parameter
                 has no effect.

       -scale factor
                 Scales  the  picture size by factor. This parameter nullifies
                 effect of the -max parameter.

       -coords llx lly rux ruy
                 Preset the coordinates of the left lower (ll) corner and  the
                 right upper (ru) corner.

       -errors   Print  out the error of the x value in column 3 and the error
                 of y value in column 4 of the output.

       -lnx      Use logarithmic scale for x coordinates.

       -lny      Use logarithmic scale for y coordinates.

       filename(s) ...
                 The filename(s) of the image(s)  to  open.   Supported  image
                 formats: PNG, XPM, JPEG, TIFF, PNM, RAS, BMP and GIF.


       g3data -scale 2 -errors test1.png

       g3data -scale 2 -lny -errors test2.png


       None known.


       Jonas  Frantz

                                                                 g3data    (1)