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       FUSEFAT - FUSE module for FAT


       fusefat [OPTION]... imagefile mountpoint

       fusefat imagefile mountpoint [OPTION]...


   General options
       -o opt,[opt...]
              mount options

       -h   --help
              print help

       -V   --version
              print version

   FUSEFAT options:
       -o rw+ enable read-write mount (EXPERIMENTAL)

   FUSE options:
       -d, -o debug
              enable debug output (implies -f)

       -f     foreground operation

       -s     disable multi-threaded operation

       -o allow_other
              allow access to other users

       -o allow_root
              allow access to root

       -o nonempty
              allow mounts over non-empty file/dir

       -o default_permissions
              enable permission checking by kernel

       -o fsname=NAME
              set filesystem name

       -o large_read
              issue large read requests (2.4 only)

       -o max_read=N
              set maximum size of read requests

       -o hard_remove
              immediate removal (don’t hide files)

       -o use_ino
              let filesystem set inode numbers

       -o readdir_ino
              try to fill in d_ino in readdir

       -o direct_io
              use direct I/O

       -o kernel_cache
              cache files in kernel

       -o [no]auto_cache
              enable caching based on modification times

       -o umask=M
              set file permissions (octal)

       -o uid=N
              set file owner

       -o gid=N
              set file group

       -o entry_timeout=T
              cache timeout for names (1.0s)

       -o negative_timeout=T
              cache timeout for deleted names (0.0s)

       -o attr_timeout=T
              cache timeout for attributes (1.0s)

       -o ac_attr_timeout=T
              auto cache timeout for attributes (attr_timeout)

       -o intr
              allow requests to be interrupted

       -o intr_signal=NUM
              signal to send on interrupt (10)

       -o max_write=N
              set maximum size of write requests

       -o max_readahead=N
              set maximum readahead

       -o async_read
              perform reads asynchronously (default)

       -o sync_read
              perform reads synchronously




       fuseiso9660(1), fuseext2(1)