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       funcoeszz - script with 65 useful mini applications


       funcoeszz  is a bash script that contains 65 useful applications, ready
       to run from command line on UNIX systems (Linux, BSD, Cygwin, Mac OS X,
       and others). This functions includes:

       Conversions and calculations (dates, hours, measure units, CPF, CNPJ)
       File manipulation (change name, extension, content)
       Data manipulation (statistics, filters, password generators)
       Internet site queries (dictionaries, translators, news, searches)



       Show a help window with explanation and syntax of all functions.
       Usage: zzajuda


       Renames files of the currently directory, fixing odd names.
       Obs.: It leaves everything in lowercase, without accentuation and change
       blank spaces, symbols and punctuation to ’_’.
       Options: -n  shows with will be done, but don’t execute
               -d  also rename the directories
               -r  recursive
       Usage: zzarrumanome [-n] [-d] [-r] files(s)
       Ex.: zzarrumanome *
            zzarrumanome -n -d -r .                   # remove -n to rename!
            zzarrumanome "DOCUMENTO MALÃO!.DOC"       # will be documento_malao.doc
            zzarrumanome "RAMONES - Don’t Go.mp3"     # will be ramones-dont_go.mp3


       Show the ASCII table witch all printable characters (32-126,161-255).
       The format is: <decimal> <hexadecimal> <octal> <ascii>.
       The number of columns and the table width are configurable.
       Usage: zzascii [columns] [width]
       Ex.: zzascii
            zzascii 4
            zzascii 7 100


       Waits N minutes and run a beep using the speaker.
       Useful to remember soon events.
       Without arguments, restore the ’beep’ to original tone and duration.
       Obs: The beep have 4 toms, 2 in the text mode and only one in Xterm.
       Usage: zzbeep [minutes]
       Ex.: zzbeep 0
            zzbeep 1 5 15    # waits 1 minute, after more 5, and after more 15


       Byte units conversion (megabyte, megabyte, megabyte, etc).
       Usage: zzbyte N [unit1] [unit2]  # BKMGTPEZY
       Ex.: zzbyte 2048                    # As is 2048 bytes?  -- 2K
            zzbyte 2048 K                  # As is 2048KB?      -- 2M
            zzbyte 7 K M                   # 7K in Megabytes -- 0.006M
            zzbyte 7 G B                   # 7 Gigabytes in bytes -- 7516192768B
            for u in b k m g t p e z y; do zzbyte 2 t $u; done


       The main operators are + - / * ^ %, see others in "man bc".
       Usage: zzcalcula number operation number
       Ex.: zzcalcula 2,20 + 3.30          # comma or point
            zzcalcula ’2^2*(4-1)’         # with precedences
            echo 2 + 2 | zzcalcula         # reading from STDIN


       Calcs the network address and broadcast address from IP and netmask.
       Obs.: the default mask is
       Usage: zzcalculaip ip [netmask]
       Ex.: zzcalculaip 24

       Search for a PGP key, provided the name or e -mail address of the person.
       Usage: zzchavepgp name|e-mail
       Ex.: zzchavepgp Carlos Oliveira da Silva


       Show the funções of a C library file (.h files).
       Obs.: The search default directory is /usr/include.
       Usage: zzcinclude library-name
       Ex.: zzcinclude stdio
            zzcinclude /my/alternative/path/stdio.h


       Generate a valid aleatory CNPJ or validates a CNPJ provided.
       Obs.: The CNPJ can be formated (points and dash) or not.
       Usage: zzcnpj [cnpj]
       Ex.: zzcnpj 12.345.678/0001-95     # validates the CNPJ
            zzcnpj 12345678000195          # not formated
            zzcnpj                         # generate a valid CNPJ


       Count the number of times a word appears in a file.
       Obs.: It is diferent from grep -c, witch don’t count several words in the same line.
       Options: -i  ignores lowercase/uppercase
               -p  partial search, count excerpts of words
       Usage: zzcontapalavra [-i|-p] word files(s)
       Ex.: zzcontapalavra root /etc/passwd
            zzcontapalavra -i -p a /etc/passwd      # Compare with grep -ci a


                kf = (K)elvin       to (F)ahrenheit
                km = (K)Quilômetros to (M)iles
                mk = (M)ilhas       to (K)ilometers
                db = (D)ecimal      to (B)inary
                bd = (B)inário      to (D)ecimal
                cd = (C)aractere    to (D)ecimal
                dc = (D)ecimal      to (C)haracter
                dh = (D)ecimal      to (H)exadecimal
                hd = (H)exadecimal  to (D)ecimal
       Usage: zzconverte <cf|fc|ck|kc|fk|kf|mk|km|db|bd|cd|dh|hd> number
       Ex.: zzconverte cf 5
            zzconverte dc 65
            zzconverte db 32


       Show all possible colors combinations on console.
       Also show the ANSI codes to obtain that combinations.
       Usage: zzcores


       Generate a valid aleatory CPF or validates a CPF provided.
       Obs.: The CPF can be formated (points and dash) or not.
       Usage: zzcpf [cpf]
       Ex.: zzcpf 123.456.789-09         # validates the CPF
            zzcpf 12345678909             # not formated
            zzcpf                         # generates a valid CPF


       Makes calculations with dates and/or convert data to num and num to data.
       Which day will be 45 days after today?How many days is between two dates? zzdata!
       When called with only one parameter acts as a data converter to integer numbers
       (N days after Epoch) and vice-versa.
       Obs.: It takes into account leap years     (Epoch = 01/01/1970, editable)
       Usage: zzdata data|num [+|- data|num]
       Ex.: zzdata 22/12/1999 + 69
            zzdata today - 5
            zzdata 01/03/2000 - 11/11/1999
            zzdata today - dd/mm/aaaa         < use your birthday to test

       Queries rates of vehicle, such as licensing, IPVA and fines (Detran-SP).
       Author: Elton Simões Baptista <elton (a) inso com br>
       Usage: zzdetransp número-renavam
       Ex.: zzdetransp 123456789

       Search for tips about certain topic on Dicas-L.
       Obs.: grep options can be used (-i is already default).
       Usage: zzdicasl [grep-option] word(s)
       Ex.: zzdicasl ssh
            zzdicasl -w vi
            zzdicasl -vEw ’windows|unix|emacs’

       Translate words/phrases/texts between idioms.
       Obs.: Default is english -> portuguese
       Idioms: pt_en pt_fr es_en es_fr it_en it_fr de_en de_fr
                fr_en fr_de fr_el fr_it fr_pt fr_nl fr_es
                ja_en ko_en zh_en zt_en el_en el_fr nl_en nl_fr ru_en
                en_zh en_zt en_nl en_fr en_de en_el en_it en_ja
                en_ko en_pt en_ru en_es
       Usage: zzdicbabelfish [idiom] word(s)
       Ex.: zzdicbabelfish my dog is green
            zzdicbabelfish pt_en falcão é massa
            zzdicbabelfish en_de my hovercraft if full of eels

       Translate ONE WORD in english to several idioms.
       French, german, japanese, italian, hebrew, spanish, dutch and portuguese.
       Default is portuguese.
       Usage: zzdicbabylon [idiom] palavra   #idiom:dut fre ger heb ita jap ptg spa
       Ex.: zzdicbabylon hardcore
            zzdicbabylon jap tree

       The Jargon File
       Usage: zzdicjargon word(s)
       Ex.: zzdicjargon virgin
            zzdicjargon all your base are belong to us

       Portuguese dictionary (from Portugal).
       Usage: zzdicportugues word
       Ex.: zzdicportugues bolacha


       Use all the dictionary functions and translation at once.
       Usage: zzdictodos word
       Ex.: zzdictodos Linux


       Show the difference between two texts, word by word.
       Useful to check spelling revisions or  small changes in phrases.
       Obs.: If you have many diferent *lines*, use the diff command.
       Usage: zzdiffpalavra file1 file2
       Ex.: zzdiffpalavra texto-orig.txt texto-novo.txt

       Search the dollar quotation of the day (comercial, paralelo e turismo).
       Obs.: The quotes are updated every 10 minutes.
       Usage: zzdolar

       Search the description of an Internet country code (.br, .us, etc).
       Usage: zzdominiopais [.]code|text
       Ex.: zzdominiopais .br
            zzdominiopais br
            zzdominiopais republic


       Converts text files from Windows/DOS (CR+LF) format to Unix (LF).
       Obs.: Also removes the file execution permission, if present.
       Usage: zzdos2unix files(s)
       Ex.: zzdos2unix frases.txt


       Conversion of phones containing letters to number only.
       Author: Rodolfo de Faria <rodolfo faria (a) fujifilm com br>
       Usage: zzfoneletra telephone
       Ex.: zzfoneletra 2345-LINUX              # Return 2345-54689
            echo 5555-HELP | zzfoneletra        # Return 5555-4357

       Search for programs on Freshmeat site.
       Usage: zzfreshmeat programa
       Ex.: zzfreshmeat tetris

       Search on google directly from command line.
       Usage: zzgoogle [-n <number>] word(s)
       Ex.: zzgoogle receita de bolo de abacaxi
            zzgoogle -n 5 ramones papel higiênico cachorro


       do calculations with hours.
       The option -r returns the calc relative to the first data, by example:
         02:00 - 03:30 = -01:30 (sem -r) e 22:30 (com -r)
       Usage: zzhora [-r] hh:mm [+|- hh:mm]
       Ex.: zzhora 8:30 + 17:25        # sum two hours
            zzhora 12:00 - now        # time to lunch
            zzhora -12:00 + -5:00    # negative hours!
            zzhora 1000                # how many time is 1000 minutes?
            zzhora -r 5:30 - 8:00
            zzhora -r agora + 57:00

       Display the time of a particular location.
       If any parameter is past, all available locations will be listed.
       The option -s makes the search only with the initials.
       Usage: zzhoracerta [-s] local
       Ex.: zzhoracerta rio grande do sul
            zzhoracerta -s br
            zzhoracerta rio
            zzhoracerta us-ny

       Search for howtos
       Usage: zzhowto [--atualiza] word
       Ex.: zzhowto apache
            zzhowto --atualiza

       Show your external IP address on internet.
       Usage: zzipinternet
       Ex.: zzipinternet


       Kill process by the nome of the origin command.
       the -n option, ust shows what will be done, but not executed.
       Usage: zzkill [-n] command1 [command2 ...]
       Ex.: zzkill netscape
            zzkill netsc soffice startx


       Remove blank lines and comments from files.
       Obs.: Acept data from STDIN.
       Usage: zzlimpalixo [filess]
       Ex.: zzlimpalixo ~/.vimrc
            cat /etc/inittab | zzlimpalixo


       Show a linha of a text, random or informed by the number.
       Usage: zzlinha [número | -t texto] [files(s)]
       Ex.: zzlinha /etc/passwd           # show any line, random.
            zzlinha 9 /etc/passwd         # show line 9 of the file
            zzlinha -2 /etc/passwd
            zzlinha -t root /etc/passwd
            cat /etc/passwd | zzlinha


       http://... - vários
       Search the latest news about Linux on sites in English.
       Obs.: The sites and the identifications are:
                F)reshMeat         Linux T)oday
                S)lashDot          Linux W)eekly News
                N)ewsForge         O)S News
       Usage: zzlinuxnews [sites]
       Ex.: zzlinuxnews
            zzlinuxnews fsn

       Search the code of language (locale). For example, Brazilian Portuguese is pt_BR.
       the -c option searches only in the codes.
       Usage: zzlocale [-c] código|texto
       Ex.: zzlocale chinese
            zzlocale -c pt

       Search the results of quina, megasena, duplasena, lotomania e lotofácil.
       Usage: zzloteria [quina | megasena | duplasena | lotomania | lotofacil]
       Ex.: zzloteria
            zzloteria quina megasena


       Finde the biggest files/directories of the current directory (or others).
       Options: -r  recursive
               -f  search only files
               -n  number of results (default is 10)
       Usage: zzmaiores [-r] [-f] [-n <number>] [dir1 dir2 ...]
       Ex.: zzmaiores
            zzmaiores /etc /tmp
            zzmaiores -r -n 5 ~


       Conversion between lowercase and UPPERCASE.
       Usage: zzmaiusculas [arquivo]
       Ex.: zzmaiusculas /etc/passwd
            echo NÃO ESTOU GRITANDO | zzmaiusculas


       Conversion between LOWERCASE and uppercase.
       Usage: zzminusculas [arquivo]
       Ex.: zzminusculas /etc/passwd
            echo NÃO ESTOU GRITANDO | zzminusculas

       Search the quotation of several currencies (more than 100!) in relation to dollar.
       Usage: zzmoeda [-t] [pesquisa]
       Ex.: zzmoeda
            zzmoeda -t
            zzmoeda euro libra
            zzmoeda -t peso

       The message "Happy Christmas" in several languages.
       Usage: zznatal [word]
       Ex.: zznatal                   # random
            zznatal russo             # Happy Christmas in russian


       Rename files in the current directory, fixing the numerical sequence.
       Obs.: Useful to passing on files of photos downloaded from a camera.
       Options: -n  show with will be done, but don’t execute.
               -i  the initial value
               -d  number of digits
               -p  default prefix
       Usage: zznomefoto [-n] [-i N] [-d N] [-p TXT] files(s)
       Ex.: zznomefoto -n *
            zznomefoto -n -p churrasco- *.JPG
            zznomefoto -n -d 4 -i 500 *.JPG


       http://... - vários
       Search the latest news about linux on brasilian sites.
               Y)ahoo Linux         B)r Linux
               C)ipsga              N)otícias linux
               V)iva o Linux        U)nder linux
       Usage: zznoticiaslinux [sites]
       Ex.: zznoticiaslinux
            zznoticiaslinux yn


       http://... - vários
       Search the latest news on sites specializing in security.
       Obs.: The sites and the identifications are:
             Linux Security B)rasil    Linux T)oday - Security
             Linux S)ecurity           Security F)ocus
       Usage: zznoticiassec [sites]
       Ex.: zznoticiassec
            zznoticiassec bcf

       Show the correct pronounce of a word, in english.
       Usage: zzpronuncia word
       Ex.: zzpronuncia apple

       Show a random phrase, from the lyrics of Ramones.
       Usage: zzramones [word]
       Ex.: zzramones punk

       Search for rpm files
       Obs.: The default architecture is i386.
       Usage: zzrpmfind pacote [distro] [arch]
       Ex.: zzrpmfind sed
            zzrpmfind lilo mandr i586


       http://... - vários
       Show the last 5 security alerts of Linux/UNIX systems.
       Supported: Debian Fedora FreeBSD Gentoo Mandriva Slackware Suse Ubuntu.
       Usage: zzsecurity [distros]
       Ex.: zzsecutiry
            zzsecurity fedora
            zzsecurity debian gentoo


       generates a random password with N characters with numbers and letters.
       Obs.: The generated password don’t have repeated.
       Usage: zzsenha [n]     (default n=6)
       Ex.: zzsenha
            zzsenha 8


       Shows a numerical sequence, line by line
       Obs.: Emulation of the seq command.
       Usage: zzseq [número-inicial] número-final
       Ex.: zzseq 5
            zzseq 10 5

       Dictionary of acronyms, on any subject (such as DVD, IMHO, WYSIWYG).
       Obs.: There is a daily limit of consultations over IP, it can stop temporarily.
       Usage: zzsigla acronym
       Ex.: zzsigla RTFM


       Screen Saver for console, with colors and themes
       Themes: mosaico, espaco, olho, aviao, jacare, alien, rosa, peixe, siri.
       Obs.: Ctrl+C to exit.
       Usage: zzss [--rapido|--fundo] [--tema <tema>] [texto]
       Ex.: zzss
            zzss fui ao banheiro
            zzss --rapido /
            zzss --fundo --tema peixe

       Show the conditions of time (weather) in a particular location.
       Without args, all available countries will be listed.
       If only the country is specified, their locations are listed.
       The symbols can also be used, for example SBPA = Porto Alegre.
       Usage: zztempo <país> <localidade>
       Ex.: zztempo ’United Kingdom’ ’London City Airport’
            zztempo brazil ’Curitiba Aeroporto’
            zztempo brazil SBPA



       Exchange the contents of two files, maintaining their original permissions.
       Usage: zztrocaarquivos file1 file2
       Ex.: zztrocaarquivos /etc/fstab.bak /etc/fstab


       Change the extension of the files specified.
       the -n option will simulate the execution
       Usage: zztrocaextensao [-n] new old files(s)
       Ex.: zztrocaextensao -n .doc .txt *          # tire o -n para renomear!


       Change one word for another, in the files specified.
       Obs.: It is possible use regexp.
       Usage: zztrocapalavra old new files(s)
       Ex.: zztrocapalavra excessão exceção *.txt


       Remove the repeated lines, consecutive or not.
       Obs.: Dont chage the original order of lines, different of sort|uniq.
       Usage: zzuniq [arquivo]
       Ex.: zzuniq /etc/inittab
            cat /etc/inittab | zzuniq


       Convert text files in Unix format (LF) to Windows/DOS (CR+LF).
       Usage: zzunix2dos files(s)
       Ex.: zzunix2dos frases.txt

       Show informations about brazilian internet domains (,, etc).
       Usage: zzwhoisbr domínio
       Ex.: zzwhoisbr

       Search on wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
       Obs.: The default idiom is portuguese.
       Idioms: de (german)    eo (esperanto)  es (spanish)  fr (french)
                it (italian)  ja (japanese)    la (latin)     pt (portuguese)
       Usage: zzwikipedia [-idiom] word(s)
       Ex.: zzwikipedia sed
            zzwikipedia Linus Torvalds
            zzwikipedia -pt Linus Torvalds


       Show informations about all functions, with version (Brazilian Portuguese)
       Options: --atualiza  download the newest version of the functions
               --teste     test if the pre-requisites are OK
               --bashrc    install the functions on ~/.bashrc
               --tcshrc    install the functions on  ~/.tcshrc
       Usage: zzzz [--atualiza|--teste|--bashrc|--tcshrc]
       Ex.: zzzz
            zzzz --teste


       funcoeszz was written by Aurelio Marinho Jargas.

       This manual page was written by Eder L. Marques <>,
       for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

                                 May 28, 2008                    FUNCOES ZZ(1)