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       fst-match - longest match analyser


       fst-match [ options ] file [ input-file [ output-file ] ]


       -q     Suppress status messages.

       -h     Print usage information.


       fst-match  is  a longest match analyser. The first argument is the name
       of a compact transducer file which was generated  by  fst-compiler  -c.
       The  second  argument is the name of the input file. The third argument
       is the output file.  If  the  third  argument  is  missing,  output  is
       directed  to stdout.  If the second argument is missing, as well, input
       is read from stdin.

       fst-match reads the argument transducer and  performs  a  longest-match
       analysis  of the input string. Given the transducer <x>:<>ab+<x>:<>, it
       will analyse the string baabbca as ba<x>abb<x>ca.


       If the longest match can be mapped to several target strings, only  one
       of them is printed.


       fst-compiler, fst-mor, fst-infl, fst-parse


       Helmut  Schmid,  Institute for Computational Linguistics, University of
       Stuttgart,  Email:,   This   software   is
       available under the GNU Public License.

                                  March 2005                       fst-infl(1)