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       fs_whereis - Reports each file server housing a file or directory


       fs whereis [-path <dir/file path>+] [-help]

       fs whe [-p <dir/file path>+] [-h]


       The fs whereis command returns the name of each file server machine
       that houses the volume containing each directory or file named by the
       -path argument.


       -path <dir/file path>+
           Names each AFS file or directory for which to return the host file
           server machine. Partial pathnames are interpreted relative to the
           current working directory, which is also the default value if this
           argument is omitted.

           Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options
           are ignored.


       The output includes a line for each specified directory or file. It
       names the file server machine on which the volume that houses the
       specified directory or file resides. A list of multiple machines
       indicates that the directory or file is in a replicated volume.

       Machine names usually have a suffix indicating their cell membership.
       If the cell is not clear, use the fs whichcell command to display the
       cell in which the directory or file resides. To display the cell
       membership of the local machine, use the fs wscell command.


       The following example indicates that volume housing the directory
       /afs/ resides is replicated on both "" and

          % fs whereis -path /afs/
          File /afs/ is on hosts




       fs_whichcell(1), fs_wscell(1)


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