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       fs_getfid - Display the fid for a given path in AFS


       fs getfid [-path] path [-help]


       The fs getfid command displays the FID for a given path in AFS.  The
       FID is the internal identifier used by AFS encoding the volume name and
       the file within a volume.


       This command is not available on Windows prior to version 1.5.60.


       -path path
           The path of the file (or directory).

           Windows only: for a symlink or mount point, evaluates the specified
           object rather than the object it refers to.

           Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options
           are ignored.


       The output contains the name of the file or directory, the FID, and the
       volume containing the FID.  The Windows version also outputs the object
       type instead of using "File" to describe all objects.


       On Unix:

          % fs getfid .
          File . (536870918.1.1) contained in volume 536870918

          % fs getfid /afs/
          File /afs/ (536870918.20404.20997) contained in volume 536870918

       On Windows:

          % fs.exe getfid \\afs\\user\b\o\bob \
          Directory \\afs\\user\b\o\bob (537235559.1.1) contained in cell
          fs: File '\\afs\\usr\bob\linktests\broken' doesn't exist

          % fs.exe getfid \\afs\\user\b\o\bob \
              \\afs\\usr\bob\linktests\broken -literal
          Mountpoint \\afs\\user\b\o\bob (536873032.1162.16997) contained in cell
          Symlink \\afs\\usr\bob\linktests\broken (536874416.27618.488969) contained in cell


       The issuer must be have read access in the directory containing the
       path to be resolved.


       This document was written by Steven Jenkins, and is released under the
       IBM Public License Version 1.0.  Jeffrey Altman made several
       suggestions and additions.