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       fpclasschart - The Free Pascal class tree generator.


       fpclasschart   --input=cmdline   --output=filename   [--merge=filename]
       [--kind=objectkind] [--lang=language] [--help]


       fpclasschart Creates class tree from pascal source


       You can invoke fpclasschart with as one or more options.


       fpclasschart has several options, most of them optional, defaults  will
       be used in most cases.

              This  option  tells  fpclasschart  to  generate a tree file. The
              command line is the same as the compiler’s one used  to  compile
              the source file.

              This  option  specifies  the name of the generated file descfile
              that contains the actual chart for the object tree.

              Gives a path to a file already  containing  an  object  tree  to

              Specifys object kind. One of object, class, interface.

              Sets  the language for the output file. This will mainly set the
              strings  used  for  the  headers  in  various   parts   of   the
              documentation  files (by default they’re in english). Currently,
              valid options are

              de     German.

              fr     French.

              nl     Dutch.

       --help Writes a help message.


              ppc386(1) latex(1) makeskel(1)