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        Fotoxx - digital photo editor and collection manager


        Fotoxx [ -v ] [ -l code ] [ file | directory ]


        Fotoxx is a graphical menu-driven program which operates in
        its own window. Organize and administer a collection of images,
        search for images, edit images, perform utility functions.


       Edit functions include:
        - Flatten brightness distribution (a sometimes quick fix)
        - Brightness and color adjustments using movable curves
        - Tone Mapping (enhance local contrast)
        - Trim, Rescale, Rotate (any angle)
        - Warp (stretch/distort image by dragging the mouse)
        - Sharpen, Blur, Noise reduction, Red-eye removal
        - Panorama and HDR composites (hand-held photos OK)
        - Artful transformations (simulated drawing or painting)
        - Pixel edit with variable brush and blending
        - Select images areas with the mouse, edit within the areas.
        - Copy and paste selected image areas.

       Utility functions include:
        - Add tags, dates, and star-ratings to images
        - Search images by tags, dates, star-ratings, file names
        - Rename images using a base name and sequence number
        - Slide-show mode: full screen, keyboard navigation
        - Batch convert multiple RAW files to tiff-48
        - Select images from the navigator and burn a CD or DVD


       Command line options
        -v                type version and exit
        -l code           specify locale (de, fr, zh_CN ...)
        file              initial image file to view or edit
        directory         initial directory of image files
                          (File > Open menu will start here)


        The online user manual is available using the menu command
           Help > User Guide
        This manual explains Fotoxx operation in great detail.


        This document was writen by Michael Cornelison <>