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       fossjobs - Display default fossology agents or upload id’s and schedule
       default fossology agents on an upload id.


       fossjobs [-a] [-h] [-u] [-v] [-A <string>] [-U <upload-id>] [-P


       fossjobs is a command line fossology utility that can be used to list
       the available default agents or upload id’s.  Using that information,
       fossjobs can be used to schedule all the default agents or a subset of
       them for a given upload id.  This effectivly creates a job and
       schedules the agents to perform their analysis on the upload id given.

       Additionally, the priority can be set for that upload id/job.  The
       agents will run at the priority set, or 0 if none supplied (the

       -a  List the available default agents.

       -h  Standard help flag, prints usage.

       -u  List the available upload id’s.

       -v  Verbose output

       -A <string>
           This option can be used to run a subset of the default agents.  The
           subset is specified using a comma separated list of agents.  To
           display the available agents, use -a.  To schedule all default
           agents, do not set this option.

       -P <priority>
           The priority for the job/agents.  The default priority if none is
           supplied is zero (0).  Priorities can be negative or positive.  A
           negative priority will have less priority than zero.  Additionally,
           larger negative numbers will have less priority than smaller
           negative numbers.  The highest priority is 10.

       -U <upload-id>
           The upload id to schedule the agents to work on.  To find an upload
           id use -u.  The upload-id string can be a comma-separated list of
           upload ids. Or, use ’ALL’ to specify all upload ids.

       list all of the available agents

         fossjobs -a

       list the upload id’s

         fossjobs -u

       schedule a subset of the agents (unpack and license) on an upload id.

         fossjobs -A "agent_unpack,agent_license" -U 20

       schedule all the agents using a priority of 5 on upload id 20

         fossjobs -U 20 -P 5

       schedule all upload id’s with all default agents

       fossjobs -U ALL


       Neal Krawetz and Mark Donohoe