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       formulacheck - check a boolean formula


       formulacheck [OPTION]... [INFILE]


       Checks  whether  the  boolean formula (an mCRL2 data expression of sort
       Bool) in INFILE holds. If INFILE is not present, stdin is used.


       OPTION can be any of the following:

       -c, --counter-example
              display a valuation for which the formula does not hold, in case
              it is neither a contradiction nor a tautology

       -o, --induction
              apply induction on lists

       -pPREFIX, --print-dot=PREFIX
              save  a  .dot  file  of the resulting BDD if it is impossible to
              determine whether the formula is a contradiction or a tautology;
              PREFIX will be used as prefix of the output files

       -rNAME, --rewriter=NAME
              use rewrite strategy NAME:
                ’jitty’ for jitty rewriting (default),
                ’jittyp’ for jitty rewriting with prover,
                ’jittyc’ for compiled jitty rewriting,
                ’inner’ for innermost rewriting,
                ’innerp’ for innermost rewriting with prover, or
                ’innerc’ for compiled innermost rewriting

       -zSOLVER, --smt-solver=SOLVER
              use SOLVER to remove inconsistent paths from the internally used
              BDDs (by default, no path elimination is applied):
                ’ario’ for the SMT solver Ario, or
                ’cvc’ for the SMT solver CVC3

       -sSPECFILE, --spec=SPECFILE
              check the formula against the data types from the LPS or PBES in

       -tLIMIT, --time-limit=LIMIT
              spend at most LIMIT seconds on proving a single formula

       -w, --witness
              display  a  valuation for which the formula holds, in case it is
              neither a contradiction nor a tautology

       Standard options:

       -q, --quiet
              do not display warning messages

       -v, --verbose
              display short intermediate messages

       -d, --debug
              display detailed intermediate messages

       -h, --help
              display help information

              display version information


       Written by Luc Engelen.


       Report bugs at <>.


       Copyright © 2010 Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.
       This is free software.  You may redistribute copies  of  it  under  the
       terms         of        the        Boost        Software        License
       <>.  There is NO WARRANTY,  to  the
       extent permitted by law.


       See              also             the             manual             at

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