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       fm2ps - Batch Processing Utility


       sdfbatch is a preprocessor for fmbatch, FrameMaker’s command-line
       driven batch processing utility.


        usage  : fm2ps [-h[help]] [-f fmt_file]
                [-F fmt_what] [-u] [-p[print_doc]]
                [-P paper_size] [-s[save_ext]]
                [-S save_fmt] [-n] [-t timeout]
                frame_file ...
       purpose: convert Frame files to PostScript
       version: 2.000    (SDF 2.001)

       The options are:

        Option       Description
        -h           display help on options
        -f           formats file
        -F           formats to import
        -u           update documents
        -p           print documents
        -P           paper size name
        -s           save extension
        -S           save file format
        -n           output the batch file (instead of calling fmbatch)
        -t           timeout for printer driver to generate ps


       Given a set of FrameMaker documents, sdfbatch can be used to:

       ·   change the formatting of the documents (ala Use Formats From)

       ·   update the documents (i.e. cross-references, etc.)

       ·   print the documents

       ·   save the documents in a nominated file format

       The -h option provides help. If it is specified without a parameter, a
       brief description of each option is displayed. To display the
       attributes for an option, specify the option letter as a parameter.

       To change formatting, use the -f option to specify the file to import
       the formats from. The -F option can be used to specify what formats are
       imported. The argument to the -F option is a set of the characters in
       the table below.

        Character    Meaning
        p            Paragraph formats
        f            Font formats
        l            Page layouts
        c            Cross references
        v            Variables
        r            Reference page contents
        t            Table formats
        x            Conditional text
        k            Color
        m            math
        B            Preserve manual page breaks
        O            Preserve other formatting overrides

       By default, all formats are imported.

       To update documents, use the -u option.

       To print documents, use the -p option. If a parameter is not provided,
       the file will be printed to the default printer. To print to a
       PostScript file, specify the "file" keyword as the parameter.
       Alternatively, the parameter is the name of a print settings file.

       When generating a PostScript file, the paper size can be specified
       using the -P option. The default value is global. The paper size name
       is actually mapped to a print settings file called paper_size.fmver in
       the stdlib library directory. fmver is typically either fm4 or fm5,
       depending on which version of FrameMaker you are using.

       To save documents, use the -s option. By default, this saves each file.
       To change the extension, supply an argument to the -s option.

       To specify a different format, use the -S option. Possible values are:

       ·   m - MIF

       ·   a - line-oriented ASCII

       ·   t - paragraph-oriented ASCII

       ·   d - Frame document

       ·   l - View-Only Frame document

       ·   - - file’s current format [default]

       Take care with the file extension - any existing files will be replaced
       without warning.

       The -n option causes the generated fmbatch file to be output. i.e.
       fmbatch is not called. This option is useful for debugging.

       The -t option enables the user to tune the time-out used when waiting
       for the print driver to generate a PostScript file. The default value
       is 300 seconds (i.e. 5 minutes).

       A combination of the f, u, p and s options can be supplied if more that
       one operation is required per file. For example, you may wish to import
       formats and then save the resultant file. For each file, the operations
       are always done in the following order:

       1.  formatting

       2.  updating

       3.  printing

       4.  saving

       Note: Not all of the values documented for the -F and -S options may be
       supported in Frame versions before 4.0 and additional values may be
       supported in future versions. As such, the values supplied to these
       options are simply embedded in the generated sdfbatch file.  i.e. no
       checking is done on the value. This behaviour is considered a feature.


       To format and print a set of files:

               sdfbatch -fmyfmts.doc -p *.doc

       To convert mif files to binary files:

               sdfbatch -sdoc -Sd *.mif

       To copy Frame variables from a file to a set of files:

               sdfbatch -fvariable.mif -Fv -s *.doc