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       fm - control frequency, volume, mute/unmute of FM radio card


       fm  [ -h ] [ -o ] [ -q ] [ -d device ] [ -t tuner ] [ -T none | forever
              | time ] on | off | + | - | freq [ volume ]


       fm is a program to control the frequency, volume, and mute/unmute state
       of  an  FM  radio  card,  using the video4linux interface introduced in
       2.1.x series Linux kernels.

       -h     Print a usage message to standard output, and exit.

       -o     Ignore frequency range limits of card.  Use if you suspect  that
              the  card  supports  a  wider  frequency  range  than its driver

       -q     Quiet mode.  Keeps information on station and volume from  being
              printed on standard output.

       -d device
              Sets  device as the device to tune.  The default is /dev/radio0.

       -t tuner
              Sets tuner as the tuner on the selected device to  adjust.   The
              default  is  tuner  0.   Most  radio  devices have only a single

       -T none | forever | time
              After tuning, sleep for the time specified or forever.  Time  is
              specified  in  seconds  by  default.   A  suffix  of m indicates
              minutes, h indicates hours, or d indicates days.

              The -T option is  useful  with  radio  card  drivers  that  only
              maintain  the  tuner  settings while the tuner’s file descriptor
              remains open.  Try using this option if  running  fm  ordinarily
              produces only a single "pop" from your speakers.

       freq   Frequency  to  tune  the  radio  to, in MHz.  For instance, 88.9
              specifies a frequency of 88.9 MHz.  AM  tuner  values  are  also
              specified  in  MHz;  for instance, 530 kHz would be specified as

       on     Turn the radio on (unmute).

       off    Turn the radio off (mute).

       volume Specify the desired volume, in percent.  Not all  radio  devices
              support volume control.

       +      Increase the current volume.

       -      Decrease the current volume.


       fm  reads  $HOME/.fmrc, if it exists, to obtain default settings.  Each
       line may take one of the following forms:

       VOL percent
              Specifies default volume (default: 12.5%).

       INCR percent
              Volume increment used for + and - options (default: 10%).

       TIME   Default sleep time (default: none).

       All other lines are ignored.


       Additional documentation:

       The fmtools homepage:


       Russell  Kroll  <>,  now  maintained  by  Ben  Pfaff
       <>.   Sleep  time feature contributed by Dave Ulrick
       <>.  This manpage written by Ben Pfaff.

                                   fm 1.0.2