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       flvtool2 - a manipulation tool for flash video files


       flvtool2     [-ACDPUVaciklnoprstvx]...[-key:value]|stdin[out-


       If out-path is omitted, in-path will be overwritten.  In-path can be  a
       single file, or a directory. If in-path is a directory, out-path has to
       be likewise, or can be omitted. Directory recursion  is  controlled  by
       the  -r  switch.  You can use stdin and stdout keywords as in- and out-
       path for piping or redirecting.

       Chain commands like that: -UP (updates FLV file than  prints  out  meta


       -A     Adds tags from -t tags-file

       -C     Cuts file using -i inpoint and -o outpoint

       -D     Debugs file (writes a lot to stdout)

       -H     Helpscreen will be shown

       -P     Prints out meta data to stdout

       -U     Updates FLV with an onMetaTag event


       -a     Collapse space between cut regions

       -c     Compatibility mode calculates some onMetaTag values differently

              Key-value-pair for onMetaData tag (overwrites generated values)

       -i timestamp
              Inpoint for cut command in miliseconds

       -k     Keyframe  mode  slides  onCuePoint(navigation) tags added by the
              add command to nearest keyframe position

       -l     Logs FLV stream reading to stream.log in current directory

       -n     Number of tag to debug

       -o timestamp
              Outpoint for cut command in miliseconds

       -p     Preserve mode only updates FLVs that  have  not  been  processed

       -r     Recursion for directory processing

       -s     Simulation mode never writes FLV data to out-path

       -t path
              Tagfile (MetaTags written in XML)

       -v     Verbose mode

       -x     XML mode instead of YAML mode




       flvtool2 was written by Norman Timmler <>

       This manual page was written by Todd Troxell <>, for
       the Debian project (but may be used by others).

                                August 24, 2007