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       fileop - benchmark file operations


       fileop [-f X ]|[-l # -u #] [-s Y] [-t] [-v] [-e] [-b] -[w]


       Create  a  number of temporary files, then benchmark file operations on
       them.  Given a force factor  X  (see  option  -f),  X  directories  are
       created  in  the  current  directory.   In  each  created  directory, X
       subdirectories  are   created.    Finally,   in   each   of   the   X^2
       subdirectories,  X  files  are  created, for a total of X^3 files.  The
       files are 1 byte, unless specified otherwise using -s.

       Command arguments

       -f # Force factor. X^3 files will be created and removed.

       -l # Lower limit on the value of the Force factor.

       -u # Upper limit on the value of the Force factor.

       -s # Optional. Sets filesize for the create/write.

       -t # Verbose output option.

       -v # Version information.

       -e # Excel importable format.

       -b Output best case results

       -w Output worst case results