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       ffprobe - FFmpeg based simple media prober


       ffprobe [options] input_files


       FFprobe is a very simple and portable prober using the FFmpeg libraries
       to probe the content of a file.

       It may be used to print informations about the format and header of a
       multimedia file or stream, the multimedia streams and each single
       packet or frame.

       FFprobe output consists in stanza of the form:


       and is designed in order to be easily parsable by a textual filter.

       FFprobe may be used both as a standalone application or in combination
       with a textual filter, which is supposed to perform more sophisticated
       elaboration (e.g. statistics elaboration or plotting).


   Main options
       -h  Show help and exit.

           Show version and exit.

       -L  Show license and exit.

           Show available formats, codecs, protocols, ...

           Show every single value using an adequate unit of measure and using
           more eye-ball parsable prefixes.

       -k  Keep going even in case of error, always returns 0.

           Read packets info.

           Read frames info.

           Show file info, that is the informations relative to the container.

           Show frames info, implies the option -read_frames and

           Show streams info, that is the informations relative to the
           monomedia streams contained in the header.

           Show tags info: actually are supported only the track, title,
           author, copyright, comment, album, year, and genre tags.

       -v number
           Set the logging verbosity level.


       ffmpeg(1), ffserver(1), ffplay(1)


       Stefano Sabatini