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       falselogin - a false login shell




       falselogin is a small application which can deny the user to log in the
       system displaying a custom message.


       The  configuration  file  for   falselogin   is   /etc/falselogin.conf.
       Everything you write into this file will be written at login except for
       some special strings which will be substituted when they appear in  the
       configuration file. They are:

       %mail% string
              Number of mail messages in the user’s mailbox.

       %user% string

       %sysname% string
              Sysname from uname. (eg: Linux)

       %nodename%, %host% strings
              The hostname. (eg: master)

       %release% string
              Linux kernel version number (eg: 2.0.36)

       %version% string
              Linux version number (eg: #8 Sun Dec 20 12:02:31 CET 1998)

       %machine% string
              Machine type (eg: i686)

       %debian_version% string
              Debian version from /etc/debian_version


       --wait, -w waitfor
              If  waitfor  is  a number, falselogin will sleep waitfor seconds
              before  exiting;  if  waitfor  matches  the  word  ’enter’  then
              falselogin will wait for the user to input the ’enter’ key


       This  manual page was written by Tibor Koleszar <>,
       for the Debian GNU/Linux system.