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       fai-mirror - create and manage a partial mirror for FAI


       fai-mirror [OPTION]...  DIRECTORY


       This  command  creates  a  partial mirror of Debian packages. It can be
       used to create the fai CD or as a local mirror when you can't  download
       the  whole  Debian  mirror.  By  default  the  mirror  will contain all
       packages   of   all   classes   used   in   the   configuration   space


       -a ARCH
              Download  packages from architecture ARCH. If not specified, use
              native architecture of host.

       -B     Do not add packages included in base.tgz and packages defined in
              make-fai-nfsroot.conf  to  the  mirror.  By  default  all  these
              packages are included in the mirror.

       -C CFDIR
              Use CFDIR as the configuration directory. Default  is  /etc/fai.
              You can also set the environment variable FAI_ETC_DIR.

       -c CLASS[,CLASS]
              Use  only this list of classes for building the mirror. Can't be
              used in conjunction with -x.

       -h     Show simple help and version.

       -m MAX Set the number of packages to NUM. This overwrites the  variable

       -x CLASS[,CLASS]
              Exclude  these classes. Do not add the packages of these classes
              to the mirror.

       -p     Preserve existing sources.list. NOT YET IMPLEMENTED.

       -v     Create verbose output.


          # fai-mirror -v /files/scratch/mirror

       Creates a partial mirror in the directory  /files/scratch/mirror  using
       all classes.

          # fai-mirror -v -cDEFAULT,DEMO /debmirror

       Creates  a  partial  mirror containing all packages used in the classes
       DEFAULT and DEMO.

          # fai-mirror -v -cDEFAULT,AMD64 /srv/debmirrir-amd64

       Will create a mirror including packages for amd64 architecture  defined
       for  classes  DEFAULT  and  AMD64. You can also run this on a non amd64


       You only need root permissions if you access the official Debian mirror
       via  NFS.  By  default,  the  variable  MAXPACKAGES  is  set  to  1, so
       conflicting packages can also be added to the mirror. Setting this to a
       higher  number  (e.g.  99999) reduces the time for creating the mirror,
       but some packages may be missing.


       This program is part of FAI (Fully Automatic  Installation).   The  FAI
       homepage is

       make-fai-nfsroot(8), install_packages(8)


              The FAI configuration file.

              The FAI configuration file for the nfsroot.

              Package resource definition for FAI.

              The  FAI  package  configuration  directory.  This  directory is
              defined by the variable FAI_CONFIGDIR.

              The list of packages included in base.tgz inside the nfsroot.

              Additional packages that  were  added  to  the  nfsroot  by  the
              configuration file /etc/fai/NFSROOT.


       Thomas Lange <>