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       exult_studio - a world editor for Exult


       exult_studio [options]


       exult_studio  can  be  used  to view graphics and map snippets of Exult
       games. Used in conjunction with exult the map can be changed as well.

       Currently it is not feasable to create a game from  scratch.  You  must
       point  exult_studio  at  an  existing  game  instead, either via the -d
       commandline option (see below), or by selecting Open static...  in  the
       File  menu.  The  latter  will  pop  up a file requester, where you can
       choose an appropriate directory.

       Once an appropriate directory has been located, a tree of game files is
       displayed  to the left of the main window, while the currently selected
       file is viewed in detail to the right. At  the  moment,  the  following
       types of files are supported:

   Shape files
       Shapes are the basic graphical elements of the game. Each shape has one
       or more frames that typically represent different states or  angles  of
       the  same thing. E.g. a button shape could have frames for pressed, and
       released; a character could have frames depicting her sitting, standing
       up facing one way, or another, swinging a punch, etc.

       When  a  shape file is selected, the right part of the main window will
       show frame zero of the shapes contained therein. Shapes can be selected
       by  clicking,  which will show there number, number of frames, and name
       if known. Other frames can be viewed by changing the frame number.

   Map files
       These files contain so called chunks that serve  as  templates  in  the
       final  map.  The chunks of the selected map file are shown to the right
       of the main window.


       -d DIRECTORY
              specifies DIRECTORY as the game base directory.

       -x DIRECTORY
              tells exult_studio to look in DIRECTORY for  its  user-interface
              specification. This option is only useful to developers.


              Default location of the user-interface specification.


       For more help and information with exult_studio go to:

       Editing  a  copyrighted game may or may not be allowed. Please exercise


       Closing the directory selector (via Ok  or  Cancel)  induces  a  crash.
       Double  clicking the directory works, just move the selector out of the
       way after that.

       Invalid arguments to commandline options will  not  be  taken  lightly.
       Avoid that for now.

       More bugs? Surely! Please report them at:
       (Be  sure to mention information about your operating system, and which
       version of exult_studio you are running!)


       The Exult Team


       exult_studio started it’s life as a map-browser for Ultima VII and  has
       evolved  from there, thanks to the open source-model, and contributions
       of time and code from many people.