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       rlplot - generate publication quality graphs
       exprlp - convert rlplot files to vector based graphic files


       rlplot <file>
       exprlp [options]<input>[options][<output>]


       This manual page documents briefly the rlplot and exprlp commands.

       rlplot  is  a  GUI  based  program  for  displaying  scientific data in
       standard formats.  Output is generated on the X display  where  further
       changes can be made to the graph using point and click methods.  Images
       can be exported as scalable vector graphics (SVG) as well as  EPS,  WMF
       and TIFF formats.

       exprlp reads RLPlot files and exports various vector based graphic file
       formats  including  scaleable  vector  graphics   (SVG),   Encapsulated
       PostScript (EPS), and Windows Metafile (WMF).


       rlplot does not have any command line options but the following options
       are available for exprlp

       -      use stdin/stdout as input or output  file;  requires  that  file
              format is set by -e | -s | -w option

       -h     help

       -d     delete input file after read

       -e     output Encapsulated PostScript, *.eps

       -s     output Scalable Vector Graphics, *.svg

       -S     like -s, start output with "Content-Type: image/svg+xml"

       -v     print RLPlot version

       -w     output Windows Meta File, *.wmf

       -q     quiet mode: suppress output to the console


       exprlp foo.rlp foo.svg ;exports Scalable Vector Graphics

       exprlp -q foo.rlp foo.eps ;exports Encapsulated PostScript, no messages

       exprlp foo.rlp foo.wmf ;exports Windows Meta File

       exprlp -sq foo.rlp - ;exports SVG to the console, no messages

       exprlp exprlp -eq - - ;converts inputfile from stdin to EPS on stdout

       switch character is either ’-’ or ’/’


       rlplot and exprlp were written by Reinhard  Lackner  and  are  released
       under the GNU general public license.

       This manual page was written by James Stone <>.