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       exchange2mbox - Convert Exchange mailbox to mbox file


       exchange2mbox [-?|--help] [--usage] [-f|--database PATH] [-p|--profile PROFILE]
           [-P|--password PASSWORD] [-m|--mbox FILENAME] [-u|--update]
           [-d|--debuglevel LEVEL] [--dump-data]


       exchange2mbox  provides a way to synchronize an Exchange mailbox with a
       mbox file. The tool is developed so it only retrieves mails not already
       stored  in  the  message ID index database and reflects changes back to
       the Exchange server if the local message copy are deleted.



       -f     Set the path to the profile database to use


       -p     Set  the  profile  to  use.  If   no   profile   is   specified,
              exchange2mbox  try  to  retrieve  the  default  profile  in  the
              database. If no default  profile  has  been  set,  exchange2mbox
              returns MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND .


       -P     Set  the password for the profile to use. This can be omitted if
              the password is stored in the profile.


       -m     Set the mbox file full path


       -u     Synchronize the local mbox file with the remote Exchange  server

              Dump  the  hex  data.  This  is  only  required for debugging or
              educational purposes.

       --debuglevel LEVEL

       -d     Set the debug level.


       Create/Update the mbox file and indexes within the profile database:

       Update the Exchange mailbox and indexes according to the  changes  made
       to the mbox file.

       exchange2mbox -u


       If  no  mbox  file  is  specified, one will be automatically created in
       $(HOME)/.openchange/mbox .   If  you  are  using  the  default  profile
       database  path  and  have  set  a  default  profile  (using mapiprofile
       --profile=profile_name -S ) you do not need to specify these parameters
       on the command line.


       Julien Kerihuel <j.kerihuel at openchange dot org>

       Brad Hards <bradh at openchange dot org>