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       exaile - music manager and player


       exaile [OPTION]... [URI]


   Playback Options:
       -n, --next
              Play the next track

       -p, --prev
              Play the previous track

       -s, --stop
              Stop playback

       -a, --play

       -t, --play-pause
              Pause or resume playback

              Stop playback after current track

   Collection Options:
              Add tracks from LOCATION to the collection

   Track Options:
       -q, --query
              Query player

              Show a popup with data of the current track

              Print the title of current track

              Print the album of current track

              Print the artist of current track

              Print the length of current track

              Set rating for current track to N%

              Get rating for current track

              Print the current playback position as time

              Print the current playback progress as percentage

   Volume Options:
       -i N, --increase-vol=N
              Increases the volume by N%

       -l N, --decrease-vol=N
              Decreases the volume by N%

       -m, --toggle-mute
              Mutes or unmutes the volume

              Print the current volume percentage

   Other Options:
       --new  Start new instance

       -h, --help
              Show this help message and exit

              Show program's version number and exit.

              Start minimized (to tray, if possible)

              Toggle visibility of the GUI (if possible)

              Start  in  safe mode - sometimes useful when you're running into

              Force import of old data from version 0.2.x (Overwrites  current

              Do not import old data from version 0.2.x

              Make  control  options  like  --play  start  Exaile if it is not

   Development/Debug Options:
              Set data directory

              Show debugging output

              Enable debugging of xl.event. Generates LOTS of output

              Limits event debug to output of TYPE

              Reduce level of output


              Disable D-Bus support

              Disable HAL support.