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       evolution-addressbook-export - export addressbook content from Evoluion


       evolution-addressbook-export [OPTIONS] [ADDRESSBOOK]


       Export the entire contents  of  the  Evolution  address  book  with  ID
       ADDRESSBOOK  ,  or the default address book if none is given. Available
       address book IDs can be listed with the -l  option.   Supported  export
       formats are vCard and CSV.


       -?, --help
              Show  a help message listing all the options and their meanings.

              Show a brief help message listing the names of the options only.

              Use  OUTPUTFILEas  output  file  for  exported data. Defaults to
              standard out.

       -l, --list-addressbook-folders
              Export a comma-separated list of address  book  IDs,  names  and
              number of entries instead of address book contents.

              Specify  the  output  format.  FORMAT  must be either `vcard' or
              `csv'.  The default format is vCard.

       -a, --async
              Export in asynchronous mode. OUTPUTFILE must be set and will  be
              the prefix for the output files.

              Export  NUMBER  entries to each output file. The default is 100.
              This option is only valid in asynchronous mode.

       In addition, the usual Bonobo activation and GNOME command line options
       apply.  See the output of --help for details.




       Gilbert Fang <>

       This  manual  page  was  originally  written  by Oystein Gisnas for the
       Debian system.