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       estmaster - master process of node servers


       estmaster init [-ex] rootdir

       estmaster start [-bg] [-ro] [-st] rootdir

       estmaster stop rootdir

       estmaster unittest rootdir

       estmaster crypt key [hash]


       estmaster is an aggregation of sub commands.  The name of a sub command
       is specified  by  the  first  argument.   Other  arguments  are  parsed
       according  to  each  sub  command.   The argument rootdir specifies the
       server root directory which contains configuration file and so on.

       estmaster init [-ex] rootdir
              Create the server root directory.
              If -ex is specified, some users  and  some  nodes  are  set  for
              example.   By default, only a super user whose name and password
              are both "admin" is set.

       estmaster start [-bg] [-ro] [-st] rootdir
              Start the node master.
              If -bg is specified, the server runs in background as  a  daemon
              If   -ro  is  specified,  the  server  runs  in  read-only  mode
              regardless of the configuration.
              If -st is specified, the server runs in single thread mode.

       estmaster stop rootdir
              Stop the running node master.

       estmaster unittest rootdir
              Perform unit tests.

       estmaster crypt key [hash]
              Output an encrypted string of a string.
              key specifies a target string.
              If hash is specified, it checks whether the  key  and  the  hash

       All  sub  commands return 0 if the operation is success, else return 1.
       A running node master  finishes  with  closing  the  database  when  it
       catches  the  signal  1  (SIGHUP),  2  (SIGINT),  3  (SIGQUIT),  or  15
       (SIGTERM).  Moreover, when a node master running as  a  daemon  catches
       the  signal  1  (SIGHUP),  the  process  is  re-start  and  re-read the
       configuration files.

       A running node server should be finished by valid means by command line
       or via network.  Otherwise, the index may be broken.


       estconfig(1),    estcmd(1),   estcall(1),   estwaver(1),   estraier(3),

       Please  see   for