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       Esperanza - A XMMS2 client.


       Esperanza [CORE] [LOOK] [FEEL] [SHORTCUTS]


       Esperanza  is  an  XMMS2  client  designed to manage and organize music
       files in multiple platforms.


              Choose to autostart xmms if it is not running.

              Ignore the desktop settings (use this if everything is black).

              Choose the size of album art cache in KBs.

              Ignore locale settings and use default language.

              Show icon in system tray.

              Load artists and albums for completion in Medialib window.

              Show the server browser on startup.


              Shows album art under artist.

              Use compact playlist mode (no context area).

              Draw the context area in a lighter color.

              Album, Artist, Duration, Filename,  Genre,  Timesplayed,  Title,
              Tracknumber, Show time remaining instead of elapsed, Show a stop
              button, Paint the progress bar in a lighter color.


              Show popus notification on song change.

              Show OiNK search in Last.FM view.

              Jump to the current entry in the playlist on song change.

              Shows main window when you click or double click.

              Show the playlist (and minimode window) always on top.

              Do not quit esperanza on  close,  rather  than  hide  it  (needs
              system tray active).

              Set the time, how long a popup notification should be shown.

              Show the playerwindow as a toolwindow (no windowlist entry).

              Change volume interactivly (could cause problems).

              Show the volume slider in a popup.


              Global shortcut to jump to the previous playlist entry.

              Global shortcut to jump to the next playlist entry.

              Global shortcut to play / pause the playback.

              Global shortcut to show / hide the player.

              Global shortcut to stop the playback.

       --D   Add a local directory recursively.

       --A   Add a local file.

       --V   Jump to the previous playlist entry.

              Close the window.

       --B   Jump to the next playlist entry.

       --Esc Hide the player.

              JumpPos !?

              Switch between minimode and the normal mode.

              Play / pause the playback.

              Quit esperanza.

       --Del Remove a selected playlist entry from the playlist.

              Remove a selected playlist entry from the playlist.

       --C   Clear the playlist.

       --S   Enable / Disable shuffling the playlist.


       Report bugs to


       Esperanza  was  written by Tobias Rundström <>. This manual
       page was written by Steve Stalcup <>.
       Both are released under the GNU General Public License,  version  2  or