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       errhdr - produce a C header file from a set of messages


       errhdr [-2] [-s] msgfile [hdrfile]


       errhdr  reads  a file describing error codes and corresponding messages
       and produces a C header file, either on standard output or in  hdrfile.

       The   input   file   has   a   simple   text-based   format;  one  file
       (errmsg/valid.msg in the source tree) starts

       MODULE valid
       $$ SEQ_INST, 1
       $^   ExtNotAllowed, 1
       # This is a comment
       A Bioseq "extension" is used for special classes of Bioseq. This class of
       Bioseq should not have one but it does. This is probably a software error.

       $^   ExtBadOrMissing, 2
       This class of Bioseq requires an "extension" but it is missing or of the
       wrong type. This is probably a software error.

       (Detailed descriptions are optional, and no "end" lines of any sort are


       A summary of options is included below.

       -2     Code, subcode tuples

       -s     Short subcode defines


       The National Center for Biotechnology Information.