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       erlang-depends - calculates Erlang dependencies


       erlang-depends [debhelper options]


       erlang-depends is a debhelper-like program that is responsible for
       generating the substitution variables for Erlang-dependent packages.

       The most useful variable is ${erlang:Depends}. It expands into the list
       of Erlang packages which modules are used in the building package. It
       is introduced in version 1:13.b.1-dfsg-3 of erlang-dev package.

       Also, ${erlang-abi:Depends} substitution adds current erlang ABI
       virtual package to substvar files. It is useful if your package uses C-
       based extensions which may break in case of ABI changes. It is
       introduced in version 1:11.b.4-4 of erlang-dev package.

       If you want to fine tune your package dependencies then you may want to
       use substvars for all Erlang packages you need. Currently they are:
       ${erlang-base:Depends}, ${erlang-dev:Depends},
       ${erlang-appmon:Depends}, ${erlang-asn1:Depends}, ${erlang-common-
       test:Depends}, ${erlang-corba:Depends}, ${erlang-crypto:Depends},
       ${erlang-debugger:Depends}, ${erlang-dialyzer:Depends},
       ${erlang-docbuilder:Depends}, ${erlang-edoc:Depends},
       ${erlang-et:Depends}, ${erlang-eunit:Depends}, ${erlang-gs:Depends},
       ${erlang-ic:Depends}, ${erlang-inets:Depends},
       ${erlang-inviso:Depends}, ${erlang-megaco:Depends},
       ${erlang-mnesia:Depends}, ${erlang-observer:Depends},
       ${erlang-odbc:Depends}, ${erlang-os-mon:Depends},
       ${erlang-parsetools:Depends}, ${erlang-percept:Depends},
       ${erlang-pman:Depends}, ${erlang-public-key:Depends},
       ${erlang-reltool:Depends}, ${erlang-runtime-tools:Depends},
       ${erlang-snmp:Depends}, ${erlang-ssh:Depends}, ${erlang-ssl:Depends},
       ${erlang-syntax-tools:Depends}, ${erlang-test-server:Depends},
       ${erlang-toolbar:Depends}, ${erlang-tools:Depends},
       ${erlang-tv:Depends}, ${erlang-typer:Depends},
       ${erlang-webtool:Depends}, ${erlang-wx:Depends},
       ${erlang-xmerl:Depends}.  All variables except ${erlang-base:Depends}
       and ${erlang-dev:Depends} were introduced in version 1:13.b-dfsg-2 of
       erlang-dev package.

       For compatibility with older versions the variables
       ${erlang-nox:Depends} and ${erlang-x11:Depends} also works (even since
       the corresponding packages turned into dummy packages).

       If you use this program, your package must build-depend on erlang-dev
       (>= 1:13.b-dfsg-2). If you want your package to use automatic
       calculation of dependencies then it must build-depend on erlang-dev (>=


       -v, --verbose
           Verbose mode.

       -a, --arch
           Act on all architecture dependent packages.

       -i, --indep
           Act on all architecture independent packages.

       -ppackage, --package=package
           Act on the package named "package". This option may be specified
           multiple times.

       -Npackage, --no-package=package
           Do not act on the specified package even if an -a, -i, or -p option
           lists the package as one that should be acted on.

           Ignore the specified file.

       -Ptmpdir, --tmpdir=tmpdir
           Use "tmpdir" for package build directory. The default is



       This program is not part of debhelper.


       Torsten Werner <> initially wrote it in Perl, Sergei
       Golovan <> rewrote in Erlang (started from