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       entagged - Java Audio File Tagger


       Entagged provides a convenient way of changing the value of tag fields,
       either manually, or automatically via the freedb database.

       Entagged can also do a lot of organization work. You  can  rename  your
       files  from  their tag in any way you like, including complex directory
       structures. You can also tag the files from their filename, this  avoid
       copying all the information by hand.

       Best  of  all, Entagged hides all the different format complexity, with
       one unique interface, you can work with mixed file formats eg. you  can
       use  freedb  with  a  mixed  album  of  WMA,  MP3 and OGG files without


       * Support for OGG Vorbis files - MP3 (id3v1 and  id3v2  tags)  files  -
       FLAC  Files  -  MPC(MP+)  Musepack Files - APE Monkey Audio Files - WAV

       * Handles all files independently of their type (allows to batch  files
       even from mixed types)

       *  Edit  essential tag information (Artist-Album-Title-TrackNb-Comment-
       Genre-Year) easily

       * Rename files from their tag using any of the  above  infos  with  any

       * Tag files (again using the above fields) from their filename with any

       * Pattern can use filename but also directory name, easy  to  create  a
       well structured audio files repository

       *  freedb  search using automatically computed cddb id’s (the way it is
       meant to be used). Simply select some files that  represent  an  album,
       then query and tag.

       *  freedb  search  using manually searched cddb id. When entagged can’t
       find any match, you can search freedb for a given artist/album and find
       the correct match yourself, then ask entagged to tag the files.

       *  Supports  Multi  langage (currently only english,french and spanish)
       (contributors appreciated)

       * Recursive processing of all the above operations, easily !

       * Text transformation: capitalize, uppercase roman numerals, lowercase,
       and more that can be used either while tagging or renaming.

       *   Separate  freedb  and  audioformats  libraries  that  can  be  used
       independently by anyone who want to read  and/or  write  meta  data  to
       audio files


       Please see /usr/share/doc/entagged/readme.html



       This     manual     page     was     written    by    Varun    Hiremath
       <>, for the Debian project (but may be  used  by

                               October 20, 2006