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       emuga-groupgen - Generate group information.


       emuga-target [options] target [ [options] target [...] ]


       Emuga target can help you to set up a target (directory or file) so
       that two groups have inpact on the permissions for it. You can specify
       one read group and one write group.


         --dl nr | --debug-level nr
               Debug level (for debugging).
         --ql nr | --quit-level nr
               Quit level (for debugging).
         -N    Not nice (chown, chgrp for all groups).
         -n    Nice (chown, chgrp only for the group owning the target), default.
         -R    Do not run chmod, chgrp recursively.
         -S    Do not change the sgid bit, see -s below.
         -s    Change the sgid bit for the writegroup (default). This affects
               recursive changes for writegroup and also recursive changes when
               it is removed or replaced with a readgroup.
         -r readgroup
               The group defined here is the one that should have read
               permission on the target (and possibly subtargets).
         -w writegroup
               The group that should have write permission to the target
               (and possibly subtargets).
               Fix problems that can be fixed automaticly (defult no).
               Print this help.

         The target is a file or directory. To make it really usable
       directories are

         If no read or write-group is specified it only prints the old
         permissions of the target(s).

       Observe that the created directory structure makes an AND operation of
       the read and write access. The write permission implies read access but
       you can restrict read access by not adding the user to the read group
       if you want to do that (the effect is that you will probably not get
       write access either).

       Setting a empty ("") read or write group will unset that group. Note
       that there is no way to unset a group. You have to specify new


       Ola Lundqvist <>