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       embuilddeps - handle native and cross build-dependency installation.


        embuilddeps [-a|--arch] [--use-sudo]

        embuilddeps -?|-h|--help|--version


        -a|--arch:          Read build dependencies from debian/xcontrol
                             and install cross packages for the specified arch.
        --use-sudo:         Call apt-get using sudo.

       When used outside a chroot or as a user, set the "--use-sudo" option.


       "embuilddeps" is a simple build dependency checker for Emdebian Crush.
       Native build dependencies are checked using the debian/control file in
       the source package being built and installed with "apt-get".

       Cross build dependencies are checked using a debian/xcontrol file,
       added to the package for Emdebian Crush. Packages that need to exist as
       cross packages need to be specified in the "Build-Depends" line of the
       debian/xcontrol file. Packages that only need to exist as native
       packages, e.g. build tools like autoconf or CDBS, can only be specified
       in "Build-Depends-Tools".

       Currently, "embuilddeps" still uses "apt-cross" for cross build
       dependencies but a replacement method is being developed.