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       dzen2-gcpubar - graphical CPU usage meter


       dzen2-gcpubar  [-i  interval]  [-c  count]  [-fg color] [-bg color] [-w
              pixel] [-h pixel] [-nonl]


       gcpubar is a  CPU  utilization  meter  for  Linux.  It  relies  on  the
       existence  of  the /proc/stat file and generates fully graphical meters
       viewable with dzen.


       A summary of options is included below.

       -i     Update interval in seconds (default 1).  You  can  use  positive
              values less than 1 for intervals shorter than 1 second.

       -c     Terminate  after  displaying  argument  to  this option (default

       -fg    Foreground color

       -bg    Background color

       -w     Width in piwels

       -h     Height in pixels

       -nonl  No new line, don’t put ’0 at the end of  the  bar  (default:  do
              print ’0)

       gcpubar was written by Robert Manea.

       This manual page was written by bertagaz <>,
       for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

                                  Jan 01 2008                       GCPUBAR(1)