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       dvispecials - prints strings for the ’SPECIAL’ instruction in a TeX DVI


       dvispecials FILE


       dvispecials prints strings for the ’SPECIAL’ instruction in a  TeX  DVI
       file.   For  the  purpose  of extension of TeX typesetting systems, DVI
       instruction  architecture  defines  a   ’SPECIAL’   instruction.    The
       instruction contains a string as an option of the instruction.  The DVI
       instruction specification defines that the semantics of  the  ’SPECIAL’
       instruction  is  undefined,  and  it  is  left as a DVI driver specific
       feature.  Currently, it is used for includegraphics command to  include
       EPS  figures  (by  graphics.sty  and  graphicx.sty  style packages) and
       changing text colors (color.sty  package)  in  LaTeX.   They  uses  the
       ’SPECIAL’  instruction  to  embed  a file name of an EPS file and color

       dvispecials uses DVIlib as an  intenal  DVI  bytecode  interpreter  and
       VFlib as an intenal font module.


       dvispecials  accepts  the  following options.  (For more detail, invoke
       dvispecials with --help option.)

       --help  Print a list of command line options.

       -v VFLIBCAP
               Set a vflibcap file for font module VFlib.

       -q      Do not print anything if no ’SPECIAL’  instructions  in  a  DVI

       -p FMT  A format string to print each font.  A substring %p is replaced
               by page number where the ’SPECIAL’ instruction  is  in,  %s  is
               replaced  by  an optional string for the ’SPECIAL’ instruction,
               \n is replaced by newline, and \t is replaced by tab,


       vflib(1), dvilib(1)


       Copyright ©  2007 Hirotsugu Kakugawa