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       dvi2html - a converter from a TeX DVI file to HTML


       dvi2html [OPTIONS] [FILE...]


       dvi2html  is  a  converter from a DVI file to HTML.  Each page of a DVI
       file is generated as an image file.  dvi2html uses DVIlib as an intenal
       DVI bytecode interpreter and VFlib as an intenal font module.


       dvi2html  accepts  the  following  options.   (For  more detail, invoke
       dvi2html with --help option.)

       --help  Print a list of command line options.

       -v VFLIBCAP
               Set a vflibcap file for font module VFlib.

       -png, -jpg, -jpeg, -gif
               Select output image format.

       -fg COLOR
               Select foreground color of image files.

       -bg COLOR
               Select background color of image files.

       -tiny, -small, -large, -Large
               Set image size.

       -l      Select landscape mode.

       -latex-toc TOCFILE
               Use a .toc  file  TOCFILE  generated  by  LaTeX  for  table  of
               contents.   Thumbnail  in  a  HTML page contains only the first
               page of each chapter.


       dvi2img(1), dvi2misc(1), vflib(1), dvilib(1)


       Copyright ©  2007 Hirotsugu Kakugawa