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       dtmfdial - DTMF tone generator


       dtmfdial [options] number


       dtmfdial  is a DTMF (Dual Tone Multiple Frequency) tone generator. This
       program generates the same tones taht modern "TouchTone" telephones use
       to  dial.  This  program  could actually be used to dial a phone on any
       phone system which supports DTMF tones. DTMF dial requires a sound card
       to work, and is designed to be used as a phone dialer from address book


       Duration options:

       --tone-time   100

       --silent-time 50

       --sleep-time  500

       Audio output options:

       --output-dev  /dev/dsp

       --use-audio   1

       --bufsize     4096

       --speed       8000

       --bits        8

       Audio generation options:

       --table-size  256

       --volume      100

       --left        0

       --right       0


       (C) 1998 Itai Nahshon, <>.  Use and  redistribution
       are  subject  to  the  GNU  GENERAL  PUBLIC  LICENSE.  This manpage was
       written by Michael Vogt <> for the  Debian  Distribution,
       but may be used by others.