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       dspam_clean - perform periodic maintenance of metadata


       dspam_clean [-s[signature_life]] [-p[probability_life]]
       [-u[sl,hcl,shl,ihl] ] [ user1 user2 ... userN ]


       dspam_clean is  used  to  perform  periodic  housecleaning  on  DSPAM’s
       metadata dictionary by deleting old or useless data.


       -s     Performs  stale  signature purging. If a value is specified, the
              default value of 14 days will be overridden. Specifying  an  age
              of 0 will delete all signatures from the user(s) processed.

       -p     Deletes  all  tokens  from  the  target  user(s)  database whose
              probability is between 0.35 and 0.65  (fairly  neutral,  useless
              data). If a value is specified, the default life of 30 days will
              be overridden. It’s a good idea to use this  flag  once  with  a
              life  of  0  days for users after a significant amount of corpus

       -u     Deletes all unused tokens from a user’s dataset. Four  different
              life values are used:

              sl  Stale  tokens  which have not been used for a long period of

              hcl Tokens with a  total  hit  count  below  5  (which  will  be
              assigned a hapaxial value by DSPAM)

              shl Tokens witha single spam hit

              ihl Tokens with a single innocent hit

              Ages  may  be  overridden by specifying a format string, such as
              -u30,15,10,10 where each number represents the respective  life.
              Specifying  a  life of zero will delete all unused tokens in the

        user1 user2 ... userN
              Specify the username(s)  to  perform  the  selected  maintenance
              operations  on.  If  no  username  is  specified,  all users are


       0      Operation was successful.
       other  Operation resulted in an error.


       Jonathan A. Zdziarski

       For more information, see


       dspam(1), dspam_stats(1), dspam_dump(1), dspam_train(1), dspam_merge(1)