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       drgeo - a GTK+ interactive geometry program


       drgeo [OPTIONS]...


       Dr. Geo is the OFSET’s interactive geometry program.

       It  is  a  sort  of  vector  drawing  software  but  with  mathematical
       constraints - we also call this interactive geometry.

       It  allows  one  to  create  geometric  figure  plus  the   interactive
       manipulation   of   such   figure   in  respect  with  their  geometric
       constraints. It is useable in teaching  situation  with  students  from
       primary or secondary level.

       To find more information concerning the use of Dr. Geo, you can consult
       the online help.


       This program follows the usual  GNU  command  line  syntax,  with  long
       options starting with two dashes (‘--’).

   GTK options
              Gdk debugging flags to set

              Gdk debugging flags to unset

              X display to use

       --sync Make X calls synchronous

              Don’t use X shared memory extension

              Program name as used by the window manager

              Program class as used by the window manager





              Gtk+ debugging flags to set

              Gtk+ debugging flags to unset

              Make all warnings fatal

              Load an additional Gtk module

   drgeo options
              Display Dr. Geo’ version

       -f, --file=filename
              File to load

       -e, --evaluate=filename
              Evaluate and load a Dr. Geo figure defined in Scheme

              Start  Dr.  Geo  as  a TeXmacs plugin, sending EPS figure to the
              standard output

       --help Display the command line help




       Online manual
              The online manual avaiable directly from the application.

       The Dr. Geo homepage at OFSET


       Dr. Geo is licensed under the  terms  of  the  General  Public  License
       version 2. For information on this license look at the source code that
       came  with  the   software   or   see   the   GNU   project   page   at


       The  copyright  on the Dr. Geo  software and source code is held by the
       individual authors and the FSF.


       Lead developper : Hilaire Fernandes

       Frederic Toussaint

       Hilaire Fernandes
       This   manual   page   was   initialy   written   by   Andreas    Tille
       <>  then  by  Hilaire Fernandes <> for
       the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

       Adrian Ulises Soto
       Jean-Philippe Georget
       Andrea Centomo
       Tobias Verbeke

       Abel Cheung
       Dag Wieers
       Hilaire Fernandes