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       dpkg-genbuilddeps  -  generate  a  list  of packages used to build this


       dpkg-genbuilddeps [arg ...]


       This program is a wrapper around dpkg-depcheck(1).  It  should  be  run
       from  the  top of a Debian build tree.  It calls dpkg-buildpackage with
       any arguments given on the command line, and by tracing  the  execution
       of  this,  it  determines which non-essential packages were used during
       the package building.  This can  be  useful  in  determining  what  the
       Build-Depends  control  fields  should  contain.  It does not determine
       which packages were used for the arch independent parts  of  the  build
       and  which  for  the  arch  dependent  parts,  not  does  it attempt to
       determine which versions of packages are required.  It should  be  able
       to  run under fakeroot rather than being run as root, as fakeroot dpkg-
       genbuilddeps, or dpkg-genbuilddeps -rfakeroot.

       This program requires the build-essential package to be installed.   If
       it is not, please use dpkg-depcheck directly, with a command such as
         dpkg-depcheck --all dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -b -rfakeroot ...
       All this program itself does is essentially to run the command:
         dpkg-depcheck -b dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -b -rfakeroot [arg ...]


       The  Debian  Policy  Manual,  sections  on  Build-Depends  etc.,  dpkg-
       depcheck(1) and fakeroot(1).


       The   original   dpkg-genbuilddeps   was   written   by   Ben   Collins
       <>.   The current version is a simple wrapper around
       dpkg-depcheck written by Bill  Allombert  <>.   This
       manual page was written by Julian Gilbey <>.