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       dov4l - set parameters on a video4linux device


       dov4l [options]

       options:  [-d  device]  [-f frequency] [-t tuner] [-i inputchannel] [-m


       The program dov4l lets you set parameters on a video4linux-device.


       -q     Query capabilities and settings of your video4linux device.

       -h     Usage

       -d device
              Select device. Default is /dev/video0

       -f frequency
              Set frequency (in Hz!).

       -t tuner
              Select tuner. Most of the time the default (0) suffices.

       -i inputchannel
              Select input channel. TV cards, for example,  sometimes  have  a
              tuner  and  a composite video input-channel. With this parameter
              you can select one. To get a list of input channels,  run  dov4l
              with the -q parameter.

       -m mode
              Select a mode. Mode can be: PAL, NTSC, SECAM or AUTO.

       -b brightness
              Set brightness.

       -u hue Set hue.

       -c color
              Set color.

       -n contrast
              Set contrast.

       -w whiteness
              Set whiteness.

       -p palette
              Set palette.

       -s width,height
              Set  the  width/height  of  the  image,  separated  with  a ’,’.
              Warning: no spaces around the ’,’!



       This page describes dov4l as found  in  the  dov4l-0.5  package;  other
       versions  may differ slightly.  Mail corrections, bugs and additions to